About Jack

Established in 2014, JW Fitness prides itself on ensuring clients are elevating their self-belief and becoming the best possible version of themselves. We create a personable experience supporting our clients by creating an organic step-by-step lifestyle regime to aid a maintainable level of fitness.

Jack Wayne is a fully qualified, enthusiastic trainer with a contagious attitude towards a happy and balanced lifestyle. Jack is absolutely dedicated to progression, enabling sustainable long term results and creating a high standard of personal training.

From a very young age and coming from an athletic background, Jack threw himself into gymnastics both at school and competitively. This then evolved into a passion for Wakeboarding, discovering the sport at thirteen years old. It then only took Jack five years to become British National Champion, European Champion and taking fourth place in the Wakeboard Cable World Championships in 2000. From there, fitness, sport and a happy mindful lifestyle have been priorities for Jack and he prides himself on providing a personable, enjoyable, and friendly experience.

what you can expect:

Increase general, mental and physical fitness
build confidence with positive motivational support
fat loss transformations
strength building and conditioning
calisthenics and functional fitness
posture improvement and rehabilitation
private and safe environment